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Comedian Asks Why Are People “Allowed” to Have Five Kids

After social media backlash, Comedian Nikki Glaser deleted a tweet that sparked outrage, but she’s not apologizing for its message.

As Townhall reports, Glaser posted a tweet aimed at Donald Trump Jr. and his wife after news of their divorce.

She noted that the couple had five kids and asked “Why are people still allowed to have five kids?”

Angry responses rolled in echoing that of Ben Shapiro who tweeted, “Why are people still allowed to have five kids?" But don't worry, guys, she's not a fascist in any way.”

Glaser told her followers Monday that she was tired of people insulting her over her statement and had deleted the tweet but stood by it, saying “it’s ridiculous in this day in age to have 5 biological children.”

She also didn’t seem to understand why it was a “controversial statement.”

Corrie O'Connor

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